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Finding the lands and plot in current time is a very difficult task while the growing real estate sector obviously increased the numbers of residential and commercial property in India but still it is getting difficult to find out the right one. And sometimes the locations that can’t be perfectly found where to want live exactly. In Gorakhpur you find the best destination that only known and popular for the real estate markets, that is Gorakhpur. This city is established for all types of plots or lands what you would like to take. Best residential property in Gorakhpur you can find great in any region where you are exactly interested in.

You would see the magical touch of our brand in all properties. Even though as a company we are still young, we find ourselves well equipped to make a mark in the annals of Indian Real Estate in the coming years.
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There are numerous factors support this increased demand for affordable Plots in Gorakhpur, and in here we have tried to quote some

Lower Cost: With various choices of affordable plots in Gorakhpur to pick from, people are not enthusiastic to splurge extra on the more pricey constructed residences. And all maintenance of the property is further an added financial burden which comes with a built property. Property tax also decreases when it comes to plots and residential properties.

Flexibility: People are increasingly investing in Residential Plots in Gorakhpur due to the flexible nature of plots. Individuals who are not still definite in their decision to settle down are seeking this as an investment possibility and hence, purchasing Low Price Plots Near Gorakhpur. This investment is giving them the freedom because plots can later be expanded, sold off for profit, or used for constructing the property.

Profit Earning: Since the market interest for Residential Plots in Gorakhpur is progressing, placing money for Residential Plots in Gorakhpur is an assured method to enhance the property holdings. Many people are viewing land as an asset and not using it for residential purpose only. These low price plots near Gorakhpur can prove to be a key asset down the coming years as the market is seemingly booming.

There are many affordable plots in Gorakhpur which are selling in the market every day owing to the high demand. The need for land is something which is ever-increasing, and with the selling side being limited, this is indeed a real stake in putting your bet on investment in these properties.

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Mission Motto : Professionalism Personified

To be a Trusted Real Estate Comprehensive Service Provider that achieves customers delight through accountability, discipline, transparency and Best Process.

Our target to offers the Best Property in Gorakhpur at best location related to Residential, Commercial, and Plots at Affordable Prices.

Our Vision

We will be the number one quality real estate comprehensive service provider in North India by March 2014 with an annual growth of 30%, and with whom partners will feel proud to be associated with.

1- Provide the perfect solution for both the buyer and seller.
2- Extended the return on investment for customers, investors, and employees.
3. High level of customer trust, Over the years.
4. We provide world-class infrastructure in Gorakhpur.


The company believes in the philosophy that success is a journey and not a destination. M.S. Infracity find the requirements/needs of all our Valuable Customers, Builders, Dealers and Agents.

Why To Invest With Us

Being a smart investor, you always seek the best time to make the best deals. The rupee has touched an all-time low, very recently, making investment in India a win-win situation for you. Make your opportunity even more fruitful, investing in to Mani Shanti Infracity Pvt Ltd. varied range of unmatched residential and commercial spaces. Because, in this ever dynamic and competitive world, there’s no better time to invest in Indian real estate than the present.

1. Why To Invest With Us

The Mani Shanti Infracity Pvt Ltd. spearheaded by a highly respected management team in the industry, has built an enviable team of qualified, capable, passionate and dedicated professionals who constantly strive to innovate and develop exceptional products and services for its key stakeholders – the customers. Through a customer-centric approach Mani Shanti Infracity Pvt Ltd. emphasizes on its relentless endeavor to enhance customer experience.

2. Innovation

Constantly seeking improved systems and processes to optimize productivity and add value.

3. Commitment

Devotion and dedication to the goals and relationships of Mani Shanti Infracity Pvt Ltd.

4. Pioneering

The spirit to explore uncharted territories.

5. Integrity

A steadfast adherence to high ethical and professional standards

6. Energy

The inexhaustible and unrelenting will and determination to achieve goals, which is ingrained in the corporate ethos.

7. Adaptability

Adapting swiftly and decisively to changing market conditions.

Corporate Environmental Policy

Mani Shanti Infracity under its Corporate Social Responsibility program has also taken up several initiatives to improve the health care/education service for people in tribal and rural areas of UP. Social responsibility is primary for us. The desire to bring about a positive change in people’s lives is the fuel that drives us.Mani Shanti Infracity.

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Manoj Verma

“Mani Shanti Infra city Pvt Ltd. is a Unique and one of the best Real estate services Provider in Gorakhpur. I Love Dealing With Them.”

Ayush Gupta

I have found one of the best property consultant, MS Infra Pvt. Ltd. is the best company as a real estate consultant in Gorakhpur.

Akash Yadav

There Customer Services are very good. Also Consultancy Charges are very decent when compare with other consultants.

Manoj Srivastva

“Mani Shanti Infra city Pvt Ltd. is a Unique and one of the best Real estate services Provider in Gorakhpur. I Love Dealing With Them.”

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